Chevrolet Performance developed a new casting that’s based on the proven LSX-LS7 head that’s designed and manufactured to support the big power levels racers have been making, especially in the supercharged NHRA Factory Showdown class.

This new and more robust cylinder head will be usedon the 2020 COPO 350 production racing engine and also be made available separately for builders who want to use a set on their custom engine.

Here’s a quick rundown on the new head’s important features:

• A low-pressure casting is used instead of the conventional gravity-feed method—for the T356 aluminum material—for denser material properties.
• The head is subjected to Hot Isostatic Pressing, also known as “HIPing,” to enhance the casting’s density and significantly reduce porosity.
• The deck thickness increases from 0.650-inch to 0.750-inch.
• The exhaust face thickness increases from 0.177-inch to 0.300-inch.
• The head retains the signature LSX six-bolt head-clamping pattern.
• As-cast version (PN 19417408) delivered bare, un-machined, and with the valve seats and valveguides uninstalled.
• CNC version, it’s offered in a bare model (PN 19417887), with the seats and guides installed
• Assembled CNC model (PN 19417888), with 2.20/1.61-inch valves and a set of beehive valvesprings installed.